Recycling Equipment Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories

Sims MHS has a full-line of parts and accessories for recycling equipment bale tie wire machines including baler wire along with a wide inventory of parts.

Our large stock of parts and baler consumables allows for fast, efficient repair for our customers. We also have training available to help you maximize cost-savings on auto-tie baler repairs.

Parts and accessories of everything we stock feature same-day shipping.

Bale Tie Wire

Recycling Equipment Bale Wire

Bale tie wire is an essential consumable of recycling bale tie wire machines. Sims MHS stocks quality bale tie wire which can reducing breakage and friction minimizing downtime and extending the life of the equipment.

  • We have same-day delivery for bale tie wire in Calgary
  • 11 gauge, 12.5 gauge and 14.5 gauge bale wire instock

Recycling Equipment Parts

We also have parts for compactors and horizontal, vertical and liquid extraction balers available including;

  • Motors
  • Electrical
  • Cylinders
  • Hydraulics
  • Hoses

Recycling Equipment Accessories

We also have accessories for compactors and horizontal, vertical and liquid extraction balers available including;

  • Recycling Equipment Accessories
  • Hand Trucks - manufactured by Sims MHS & customized for your specific requirements
  • Clean Out Rods
  • Baler Twine
  • Baler Twine Hooks
  • Compactor Waste Bags - various sizes
  • Waste Cubes - varying dimensions
  • Lift Carts
  • Granule Deodorizer


Clean Out Rods
Clean Out Rod
Recycling Bale Carts
Recycling Bale Cart
Baler Twine
Recycling Baler Twine
Baler Twine Hooks
Recycling Baler Twine Hook
Compactor Waste Bags
Compactor Waste Bags
Compactor Waste Cubes
Compactor Waste Cubes
Lift Carts
Lift Carts
Granule Deodorizer
Granule Deodorizer

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